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Creative. Thinker. Writer. Knowledgeable. Author. Poet. 

Latest Release

Pray Through The Pain: Weekly Prayer Journal

Read and reflect on God's word to pray through the pain. In this journal are 52 Biblical scriptures that you can focus on weekly. These scriptures will help you process emotions of frustration, anxiety, disappointments, setbacks, stress, worries, or fears. Writing is a good way to process and regulate your emotions Overcome them by finding your peace and building your strength in God with the power of His word. Charlise shares some of her testimony and journey through coping with her troubles and life's experiences. These scriptures will help you get through because you are strong and built to last.

ISBN 9798987920701

Pray Through the Pain Weekly Prayer Journal, Charlise Walker, Charlise Rice Books and Merch
Charlise Walker of Charlise Rice Books and Merch


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Spring cleaning time! Get Charlise's unique handmade jewelry and exclusive discontinued items at low prices. Check the clearance page for more details.

A Piece with Lise

Streaming Live or Pre-recorded on Facebook & YouTube!

Featuring different pieces each week from my collection of handmade Jewelry, self-published books, and merch I designed! Learn about each piece when you shop with Lise! I may have a special just for you tuning in! Tune in Live either on Facebook or YouTube.

Local Author of the Month, January 2024 at Little Free Library in Josephine TX

Check out my books at the Little Free Library in Josephine, TX. Located at 201 S. Main St Josephine, TX 75164 in front of Josephine City Hall. My two books that are in the library are, Take Pain and Walk: Collection of Poems and Take Charge of Your Credit: A Step-by-Step Guide to Repairing Your Credit.

Charlise Walker of Charlise Rice Books and Merch in Josephine, TX

Articles & Insights

CanvasRebel Interview Article

I am thrilled to share my third professional article interview! In this interview with CanvasRebel, I discuss strategies for reducing costs as a small business owner, pivoting my business, and my expert insights on social media. Read my insight article on CanvasRebel. 

canvas rebel article Meet Charlise Walker
Charlise Walker, owner of Charlise Rice Books and Merch

About Charlise R. Walker

Charlise was born and raised on the eastside of Detroit, Michigan. She loves to write. Writing is a way to release built-up emotions with poetry, talking about her testimony, or helping someone with her professional knowledge.
Charlise currently lives with her family in north Dallas, TX. She is a Human Resources Specialist, Professional Resource Specialist, and has earned her Master’s degree in Management in Nonprofit Leadership. She is passionate about helping people have the necessary skills to be prepared for the job market and overcome job preparation barriers. She provides professional services, encourages, and offers educational advice with her business, Lise’s Business Enterprise. With Charlise Rice Books and Merch, this allows her to share her creative side with self-published books, designs, handmade jewelry, and home decor collections.
Charlise is enlightened to share her experiences and testimonies as well as having the ability to help the community. Charlise has a down-to-earth personality and is not ashamed to tell where her story began. Additional books under Pen name Charlise Rice.

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